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Bidding on issue 435 will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 14 October 2015

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The Council previously undertook an eight week public consultation to consider a number of amendments to the Housing Allocations Policy. Following consultation the proposed amendments were considered by the Council’s Executive who approved the changes.

The Housing Service intends to implement these changes on 1st October 2015.

What does this mean to you?

On the 1st October 2015 at 11am all Housing Register applicants will have their Housing Register applications switched to a hibernated status. This means you will not be able to bid for properties or review your bid history.

All applicants will be required to log on www.homechoicewb.org.uk using their WBC log in number and their date of birth and will then be directed to a page where they will be required to answer three questions.

When you have completed these questions your application will automatically return to a live status and you will be able to view your assessment to see if the changes have impacted on your application.

If you have been actively bidding for properties it is very important that you log on and answer these three questions as soon as possible, as until you have done this you will not be considered for any properties.

An amended User Guide and Housing Allocations Policy will be available via the Council’s Website from 1st October 2015.

If you have not completed the three questions by the 22nd October 2015, unfortunately we will need to remove your application for failing to complete the re-registration process.


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