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Register for Housing

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All supporting documents that need to be provided to support an application should be emailed to commonhousingregister@westberks.gov.uk

Follow the link on this page if you would like to join the Common Housing Register for West Berkshire. Joining the Common Housing Register is the first stage of the Choice Based Letting process. You can also finish an application you have already started from the link below.

Once you have been accepted on to the Common Housing Register, we will send a confirmation letter notifying you of your new HomechoiceWB application number and a copy of the HomechoiceWB Scheme User Guide.

You need to be aware that housing in West Berkshire is in short supply. There are over 3,000 applicants currently registered for housing with us but there are only around 8,000 properties belonging to Housing Associations in the area. We have developed other housing options which we encourage you to consider. See www.westberks.gov.uk and follow the links to the Housing Advice pages for information about the other Housing Options you might like to consider.

If you are already registered with HomechoiceWB and have a Common Housing Register number do not register again unless you have already been re-housed and would like to move.

This application will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Please note that once you have completed your online application we will need to see copies of your identification. Please provide a copy of a birth certificate or passport for everyone on the application. If applicable please also provide a copy of legal name change documentation.

Start a new application or finish an application you have already started

If you have submitted an application, you can’t change the details on the application online. Please contact us if your details have changed.

We are constantly trying to improve and would like to hear from you. Currently the online application form is only available in English. If you would like an application form in another language please contact us.

Sometimes our emails go into junk folders. Please check this if you are expecting an email from us.


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